Friday, September 24, 2010

Abelardo Morell, 'Ground Work'

Upcoming is the opening of Abelardo Morell's latest work, 'Ground Work,' at Bonni Benrubi Gallery. This show draws from his Tent-Camera series, his newest expedition into the world of the camera obscura. As opposed to his previous works, which were just the interaction of the projected image with the man made space that looked out upon the landscape, this body of work looks to bring the physical presence of the landscape into the image, projecting the world onto itself.

Opening reception October 7th, 2010 at Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

All images property of Abelardo Morell and Bonni Benrubi Gallery.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dumbo Arts Festival 9.24-9.26

Don't forget that starting Friday, September 24th, the Arts community of Dumbo will be hosting the Dumbo Arts Festival!

The exhibition, "Forst," with photographs by Andreas Gehrke will still be on view here at + Kris Graves Projects. Hope you can all make it out this weekend!

Laura Letinsky - After All

Opening last night at Yancey Richardson, 'After All' marks Laura Letinsky's return to Chelsea, with selections of work from her two latest series, "The Fall," and "The Dog and the Wolf." The show opened with a sudden lightning and rainstorm that drenched all the early gallery goers. Despite this, and the tornado that hit the Brooklyn/Queens area, most of the openings at 535 w22nd began to draw in some viewers after the initial downpour. “After All” was well worth the wet shoes, and the quiet emptiness of the gallery just at 6pm seemed appropriate for this new collection of work belonging to Letinsky.

The Work, although more recent than any shown at Yancey Richardson before, has clear ties to her previous bodies of work, though she seems to be pushing her ideas, and the formal qualities of this new work farther than previously. Her intellect is, as usual, ever present. Close study of the images can reveal the underlying references and critique of contemporary culture. The subtle formal qualities, though, are enough for a visit.

Also open last night at 535 w22nd
Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao at Julie Saul Gallery
Danny Jauregui at Leslie Tonkonow

Image Property of Laura Letinsky and Yancey Richardson Gallery