Friday, December 11, 2009

TONIGHT! Sara, Carin & more...

So we have a lot of excitement in the gallery. We have Sara Macel's new series TEXAS BUNCH, we have Carin Johnson's NUANCES, neither of which are pictured here, because you need to come see the show in person.

We also have some great stuff going on in our project(project) space. A shotgun by Nathan Vincent. Excuse me, a crochet shotgun already owned by +kg, but you can get your own, he also has handguns and a fantastic website of imagery.

Jonna Twigg will have two cut paper works up, which need to be seen in person to capture the real essence.

Last but not least, we have our Christmas present to you! Terry Girard's ICELAND, an installation of twenty unforgettable images. Each 11x14 is available for $100. not a typo. $100, edition of 12, archival pigment prints. more info on the +kgp website.


Sara Macel
Carin Johnson
Nathan Vincent
Jonna Twigg
Terry Girard

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