Friday, July 16, 2010


SULTRY II, is a continuation of last years SULTRY I show. The conveyed theme throughout the exhibition, deals with the idea of, "sensual imagery" that isn't overly sexualized nor pornographic. Considering the fact that sex, is the most intriguing aspect of today's media, the artists showing in the SULTRY II show push forward the idea of visual stimulation, in a way that describes the human figure rather than exploiting it. Each photograph enables the views to focus on the details of each subject, in a way that isn't forced. Skin, Hair, Sweat, Gaze, Movement, Posture and angle, are all the main qualities that are being suggested within each picture.
SULTRY II a group show showcasing work from many different types of
photographers with various points of view on a particular subject matter.

“ My subject is landscapes as culture. I am not interested in an untouched world. What I am trying to reveal though photography in a deliberate yet subtle way is a sense of history. I want my photographs to describe my relationship to both the tangible and the imagined, to fact and fiction.”- Lois Connor

“He Opened Up Somewhere Along The Eastern Shore is a photography, video, and installation project which engages image making as a platform to intervene inside Western culture’s traditions and expectations as they relate to masculinity, sexuality, and class.We, the men of these images and me, might not sit at an equal distance from the center, but we all have a complicated relationship to what is considered normal to our benefit and our destruction."

- Jason Hanaskin

Featured Artists:
Jowhara AlSaud
Daniell Cohen
Lois Conner
Gregg Evans
John Feinstein
Gabriela Herman
Matt Lacari
Edward Lopez
Kate Moyse
Matthew Pillsbury
Manjari Sharma
Rafael Soldi
Brea Sounders
Michael Cardinali
Jason Hanasik
K Yoland M
Sari Wynne

July 9th-August 14th, 2010

+Kris Graves Projects is proud to announce the opening of Sultry II. Curated by Kris Graves.

More information on the artists as well as upcoming exhibitions are available at

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